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We suggest two things: Turning off any other program that might be using bandwidth and after clicking play, allow some time for it to download before trying to watch from the beginning.

Other suggestions:

  1. Turn off HD by clicking on it at the bottom right of the player. This will be a much less detailed version of the video and harder to see the charts.
  2. Or try a different browser. Maybe Chrome, Firefox or Opera will work better for you if you are on Internet Explorer.
  3. And in regard to our last suggestion, please check your speeds. Here is a site for speed test: Just click on the city that is closest to you and it will run. I’d say to run smoothly, you would need 10mbs download or better (ISPs say 5mbs watching videos if nothing else is using bandwidth).  Many home internet providers can supply 20 Mbs download and 4 MPs upload speeds.  Others provide even faster accessibility such as 90 Mbs download and 12 Mbs upload.
  4. And last, it might be worth it to see if your ISP has a “data cap” on your service that might be slowing it down.

Lastly, you’re going to get better performance when using a desktop or laptop.  And remember that if you’re attempting to watch on a smartphone, be sure you’re connected to an active WiFi connection (or you may be using huge amounts of your data plan.)